“Ten Percent of Western Recruits to ISIS Are Women” – from The National Interest, a study of why some women from Muslim countries and the West have joined ISIS, and how some others can help defeat it. Co-written with Ahmed Charai. Read.

“Learning Logic in the Middle East” – from The American Interest, a multimedia presentation on how Arab youth are using new media to promote critical thinking in their societies. Read.

“The Policeman and the Journalist – A Mid-East Policy Dilemma” – From Tablet, how a televised remark in favor of saving Israeli innocents by the police chief of Dubai police chief Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, published in Tablet Magazine, illuminates a dilemma in American policies toward Arabic media and Arab security services. Read.

“Radio Beijing in the Middle East” – from The American Interest, a report on how the Chinese government uses Arabic-language media to advance its soft power objectives in the Middle East and North Africa. Read.

“Korean Voices Make Waves on Arabic Radio” – From Al-Majalla, how the Korean Broadcasting Service Arabic section wins new friends for the country across North Africa and the Middle East. Read.

“Indulging Enemies, Ignoring Friends,” from Al-Majalla (Arabic), an overall assessment of US foreign policy and  two rival camps in Washington with opposing views on Islamist movements. The first of Joseph Braude‘s bi-weekly columns for Al-Majalla.

“Local Media in Support of Political Reform in North Africa” – a new research study by Joseph, published in the new book, Towards Democratic Transitions: The Case of North Africa. 

“For Insight into the Mid-East, Tune In to Ramadan TV” – From The Wall Street Journal, how this year’s crop of Ramadan TV serials has veered away from anti-Semitic themes and toward an all-out assault on Islamist groups. Read.

“The Muslim Brotherhood’s More Frightening Offshoot” – From The Atlantic, a report by Joseph Braude on a new Brotherhood affiliate in three Gulf states now exploiting the Syrian civil war to train for armed attacks back home. Read.

“All Hail the (Democratic) King” – From The New York Times, how a Moroccan constitutional referendum has raised new hopes for reform in North Africa.  Read.

“Hungry for Asian Islam” – From The Wall Street Journal, an op-ed piece by Joseph Braude on how Islamic seminaries in the Far East can help their Arab neighbors to the west. Read

“West-East” – From The Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine: a Palestinian-American woman aspires to change how Americans view Arabs by fusing pop music, east and west. Read

“Egyptian TV’s Mixed Message” – From Tablet, how a new hit pan-Arab TV series about Israel reveals a subtle shift in attitudes toward the Jewish state.  Read

“A World Power Talks” – From Glamour, Joseph Braude’s exclusive interview with former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, a few weeks before her tragic death. Read

“Workers of the Arab World Unite” – From Foreign Policy, a report from Tunisia on labor unions’ gritty struggle against Islamist groups.  Read

“Islam in the Crucible” – From Playboy: the changing face of Islamic culture in Jordan, reported by Joseph Braude from inside the country’s mosques and Islamic seminaries. Read

“Bernie Kerik Won’t Fold” – From Best Life: disgraced ed-NYPD top cop battles his own personal demons while rebuilding Jordanian King Abdullah’s prison infrastructure. Read

“Playing from Memory” – From The New Republic, Iraqi Israeli musician Yair Dalal revives the sound of Baghdad’s Jewish community and pines for countries he is forbidden to visit. Joseph Braude‘s profile of a remarkable performer and composer. Read

“Paper Over” – From The New Republic, how Arab newspapers spun the Iraqi elections.  Read

“Imagined Community” – From The New Republic, a report from Joseph Braude on why American Islamist newspaper endorses John Kerry.  Read