Public Speaking

Joseph Braude is a seasoned public speaker and seminar leader in English and Arabic, available for public engagements and private briefings. Click below to watch Joseph Braude deliver a multimedia lecture on “Inklings of Change in the Middle East” at the annual “Champaign Brunch” of the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia. Click here to watch more of his videos, and here to listen to his audio lectures and podcasts.

To book Joseph Braude for a speaking engagement, send a request here.

Here are some of the topics Joseph can speak to:

Reclamation: A Cultural Policy for Arab-Israeli partnership

Joseph Braude‘s latest book outlines a strategy to roll back generations of antisemitic programming through Arab media, mosques, and schools and foster a new message of regional integration. Watch him discuss the strategy with the Brookings Institution’s Tamara Coffman-Wittes, at a special event at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy hosted by Robert Satloff and moderated by David Makovsky:

New trends in Arabic media, new challenges for American strategic communications in the Middle East

For an example of Mr. Braude’s lectures in this realm, watch him discuss the new book Broadcasting Change at the Hudson Institute and Washington Institute for Near East Policy, respectively, below:


Police and security sector reform in the Arab world

A Casablanca murder mystery: Jews and Muslims team up to solve a gruesome crime and probe the mysteries of modern Morocco

American foreign policy toward the Middle East

Jews indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa: 2700 years of history and a field report from the region today

To view a clip of an appearance in Washington, click below.

In the course of his lectures, he often includes rare video footage and other multimedia gleaned from field research and investigation. Click below to for some examples: