Saudi youth initiatives: Some links for researchers

My FPRI E-Note of October 20 provides an assessment of the results of a new poll of Saudi public opinion that focused on the country’s youthful majority. The purpose of this blog entry is to provide some links for researchers interested in learning more about a series of government-sponsored youth projects, mentioned in the piece, that have been launched under the umbrella of the “Misk Initiative.” Insight into prospects for the success of “Vision 2030” may potentially be gleaned by gauging the rollout of these initiatives and how the population responds to them. As I note in the piece, “Vision 2030 only works if young people adapt to a new ‘knowledge economy’ and help shore up a social safety net for those who lag behind.” Those are the goals that inform Misk.

For the Foundation’s home page in Arabic, click here. For the English-language page, click here. Its Twitter feed in Arabic is @MiskKSA. For those interested in following domestic Saudi social media chatter about the group, here is the Arabic hashtag which the Foundation itself promotes, whereas this is the hashtag Saudi Twitterers use to reference it more spontaneously.

By scrolling down the Foundation’s home page in either language, one can also click into its component projects, including “Tweep,” “Shoof,” “Sharek,” and others.

I’ll be following these online interactions too. If you’d like to be in touch about them, contact me by clicking here, or via Google Plus here.

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